Conditions we Treat

We specialize in diagnosis, treatment and reactivation for conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Following is a list of a few conditions we commonly treat:

Common symptoms:

Neck pain
Pinched nerves
Disc Injuries
Joint pain
Sprains and Strains
Overuse injuries
Low back pain
Muscle spasms
Post-surgical back pain
Shin Splints
Golfe's/tennis elbow
Jaw pain
Balance problems
Difficulty walking
Hip pain
Frozen shoulder

Medical Diagnoses:

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Disc herniation
Rotator cuff syndrome
Failed back surgery
Regional pain syndrome
Soft-tissue adhesions
Plantar fascitis
Lateral/medial epicondylitsis
Sciatic nerve pain
Adhesive capsulitis
Spinal stenosis
Piriformis syndrome
Temporomandibular disorder
Degenerative disc disease
Iliotibial band syndrome

Many of these conditions require a multi-disciplinary approach for effective management. We are happy to work in conjunction with other healthcare providers in order to provide you the best care possible.

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